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Revitalizing Your Living Area Through The Use of Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl wall decals give you a chance to decorate any room in your home without making permanent changes. These unique decorations are made from sheet vinyl, which clings to a variety of flat and smooth surfaces without adhesives. This allows you to peel off the decoration whenever you feel like it. Vinyl wall art allows you to re-position or replace your decor regularly. Imagine being able to decorate your family room for each holiday or season in just a few minutes. Choosing the right types of vinyl wall art is key to improving your home with these special decorations.

Consider Your Existing Decor

Putting up a giant, bright red decal of a robot may ruin the existing atmosphere of a bedroom sanctuary decorated with soothing blue tones. Take a good look at how the room currently looks, or consider your other decorating plans, before adding vinyl wall decals. There are thousands of designs available, making it easy to find something to match nearly any decorating theme. Cute animal decals work best in children's bedrooms or family playrooms. Find an appropriate quote or abstract pattern to add a more mature touch to an adult bedroom or study.

Measure The Space

All vinyl wall art is marked with the dimensions of the product in the description. Instead of assuming your new decal will fit in the spot you envision it in, try measuring it first. It is very disappointing to receive a perfect decal and find that it is just slightly too big for your intended purpose. Measurements also allow you to lay out the decal at the exact center of a wall.

Start Sparingly

You may be tempted to purchase dozens of amazing vinyl wall decals when you first start shopping for them. It is easy to create a cluttered and mismatched look by trying to fill your walls with all of your favorite designs. Start with one or two basic decals for each room. Choose a theme and try to stick with it, even if the rest of the room's decor is eclectic. Try rotating designs by swapping them out every few weeks or months instead of hanging them all at once.

Get Creative

Basic vinyl wall art comes in a single color and mimics the look of a hand-painted stencil. However, there are dozens of other options available. Many companies offer dry-erase and chalkboard wall decals. Choose a big rectangle for an instant drawing board. Imagine having a giant dry-erase section on your kitchen wall for writing down chore and grocery lists. There are also creative shapes available with chalkboard and dry-erase coatings, including speech bubbles and long, curling scrolls.

Work Around Other Artwork

You can make a huge visual impact when you pair a favorite print or original artwork with the right vinyl wall decals. Frame a simple poster with an ornate scroll work frame in seconds with a decal. Run your favorite inspiration quote under or above a beautiful landscape photograph for museum-quality decoration. You can also use decals to create touching and creative displays of your favorite family photos around the house.

Use your creativity when choosing vinyl decals for maximum effect. Picking the right vinyl decals the first time will help you create a beautiful home without blowing your budget.


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